The First Impression

The first thing you'll notice when you hug a Your Bed Pillow is how luxurious it feels.  The feeling is soft and cool. No lumps, just a smooth and consistent feel, regardless of how you hold it, squeeze it, or lay on it. Most people say it feels just like a down pillow, only better.  The secret is the fine and breathable nature of the micro down fiber. It breaths much better than most fills; better than foam, better than cotton, better than down. If you squeeze a Your Bed Pillow, you'll notice the air immediately begins to seep back into the pillow once you've let go of it. This is why Your Bed Pillows stay so cool.


Since micro down is a synthetic fiber it is also hypoallergenic and machine washable and machine dry-able. You can put the whole pillow into the washer and the dryer. Once it is dry, just fluff the pillow and it will return to its original state.

Each Your Bed Pillow includes our 375 thread count, 100% cotton, down proof zippered cover. These covers are the perfect compliment to Your Bed Pillow and add to the life and comfort of the pillow.  


Your Bed Pillows come in Standard, Queen, and King sizes and accommodate for varying sleep styles with 6 different densities: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm, and 2Xtra Firm.


No False Guarantees. No Gimmicks.

Just a quality bed pillow at a fair price to help give you a good night's rest.

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