Care Instructions

ybp pillows in Extra Soft, Soft, and Medium densities are machine washable and machine dry-able. We recommend leaving the ybp pillow inside of the included zippered cover when washing. Use a light detergent, and wash in cold water, on gentle cycle. We do not recommend using fabric softener when washing.  Although high heat will not damage the pillow, we recommend tumble drying on low to medium heat to prolong the life of the pillow. You can also line dry or allow the pillow to dry out in bright sunlight. 

We do not recommend washing Firm, Extra Firm, 2X or 3X Firm pillows due to the excessive amount of fill inside these pillows which may be more difficult to dry evenly. However, if you do choose to wash your Firm, Extra Firm, 2X or 3X Firm pillow, be sure to dry for an extended period of time, fluffing by hand periodically, to ensure the fill will dry evenly. As a best alternative to washing ypb pillows,  we instead recommend washing the included protective cover as often or perhaps slightly less often than you would wash your pillowcases.