Which Pillow Is Right For You?

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The Extra Soft Pillow is ideal for smaller framed/petite individuals* or children old enough for a bed blanket (2+ years per the Consumer Product Safety Commission and at the parent’s discretion).  If you are a stomach sleeper, lying flat on chest and need very little support while sleeping, our exclusive Extra Soft Density Pillow is the perfect Your Bed Pillow for you!
*This pillow is also great for any individuals who wants an “extra” pillow to hug while sleeping on their usual bed pillow
Fall in love with our exquisitely “soft” Your Bed Pillow … This Soft Density Pillow has 40% more plush than any traditional bed pillow!  Its fluffy and cozy style is ideal for petite framed individuals who are stomach sleeper*.  It is also great for all individuals wanting an “extra” pillow to hug/fold while sleeping with their usual bed pillow. 

*If you are a side or back sleeper, try our Medium Pillow. 


Do you toss and turn during the night, sleeping on your back, side and stomach?  The Medium Density Pillow is perfect for those individuals who sleep in all three positions*.  This pillow is naturally luxurious, providing the right amount of support and softness while allowing the flexibility to tuck, fold and cuddle to your liking.  Many of our customers with neck issues prefer this pillow since it allows the flexibility to adjust the pillow to your sleeping position. This Your Bed Pillow is ideal for the average size or petite frame adult.

*If you toss and turn but do not sleep on your stomach, we recommend selecting the Firm Density Pillow.

If you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or toss and turn from side to back (not stomach), the Firm Density Pillow is the perfect pillow for you.  The firm density gives you average elevation with plush softness, all while keeping your head and neck aligned.  For the average size or tall adult, this luxurious pillow is our #1 Your Bed Pillow sold!