Which Pillow Is Right For You?

The Extra Soft Pillow
Sleeping on small pillow

Our Extra Soft density is ideal for children, smaller framed individuals or those who like almost no pillow at all. This pillow is also great for the average stomach sleeper.



The Soft Pillow

Our Soft density is ideal for the average stomach sleeper. It is also perfect for children or individuals of smaller frame. If you like a pillow that becomes almost flat when you lay on it, but still provides a cool and soft feel, this is the pillow for you.



The Medium Pillow

Do you toss and turn during the night? If so, this is the pillow for you. Those who like to change positions, from back to side or side to side, enjoy this pillow because of its flexibility.  For the average size adult, the Medium density gives just the right amount of support but also allows you to tuck, fold, or cuddle the pillow to your liking.



The Firm Pillow

If you are primarily a back sleeper or side sleeper, the Firm pillow is right for you. Whether you are on your back or side, your neck will remain supported and your head will not sink further into the pillow as the night goes on. For the average size adult, the Firm density provides the right amount of lift but maintains a soft feel. The Firm density gives you just a touch of elevation all while keeping your head and neck aligned.


The Extra Firm Pillow 


The 2X Firm Pillow


The 3X Firm Pillow